Scully’s Suits

Agent Dana Scully is the sassiest FBI agent/medical doctor to ever to grace the airwaves. With her reproachful gaze and sarcastic quips, she vivisects her way into the hearts of men and women alike.

She is also the proud owner of a power-suit collection so vast she could open her own Suzy Sheer outlet store.

While the diversity of her suits is more predominantly displayed in Season One, she does continue to mesmerize us with shoulder pads and bootcut trousers through to the end of the series.

This is a subject we at Horror Sauce must address.

Seriously, what is the internet for if not to pick apart the various outfits of arguably the most intelligent and non-sexualized female character on television?

Also, we’re afraid that it must be addressed in a serialized format spanning several blog entries, as there is far too much data for one measly session of fashion policing. The first season alone will take at least six posts – the latter seasons may not need so many, as she tends to relax the eccentricities of her attire.

In this first instalment of Scully’s Suits we will examine Scully’s varied outfit choices from the first three episodes of Season One.


We meet Agent Dana Scully, reluctant X-Files recruit, for the first time in this baffling little number as she struts through FBI headquarters:

S01E01 at 3.38.21 PM

Later, Scully can be found exhuming a body in a cemetery, dressed for business in this delightful grey two-piece with sensible two-inch pumps:

S01E01 3.40.22 PM

Scully – this being her first case and all – recycles the jacket we first met her in, pairing it with a skirt this time as we catch a leggy shot of her exiting a mental hospital:

S01E01 3.41.47 PM

This is also confusingly the only episode where we see Scully in her skivvies, surprising us with this impromptu display of her silky white undergarments. Scandalous!

S01E01 3.42.38 PM

In episode two, Scully comes out swinging with a dramatic blow-out, round glasses and an extra shoulder-paddy suit. We later discover she is wearing a daring flower brooch. We’re thinking this could be both fashionable and deadly:

Scully then decides to bore us for the rest of the episode by appearing in a variety of tawny neutrals. Boo:

Episode three pops to life with Scully on a date wearing a spontaneous shade of aquamarine. Go girl:

S01E03 at 3.49.19 PM

She continues this flamboyant trend with a tight-fitting, wine-coloured sweater and a foxy, burnt orange, double-breasted two-piece with dangly jewellery:

The thoughts we are left with after todays instalment of Scully’s Suits:

  • How does someone on an entry-level government salary afford several new outfits each week?
  • The tailoring alone must cost a fortune.
  • We’re afraid this mystery could itself be an X-File. Truly an unexplained phenomenon.

Peace out our darling little flying saucers.


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