Satire and Skanks

Hello my little Horrs!

Today I’ll be briefly discussing something that isn’t necessarily new to the horror genre, but has, in my opinion, had a little resurgence as of late. The horror satire!

These are known to make you giggle, cringe and potentially fart simultaneously. They are quickly becoming one of my favourite types of style within horror. I’m going to focus on three movies in particular that have really caught my eye as of late. Cabin in the Woods, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, and Zombeavers. They all have their ups and downs, highs and lows, or sideways and backwards. If your finding yourself new to the horror genre and don’t specifically feel like wetting your pants or sleeping with tin cans attached to strings then satire is your way to go.


Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Cabin in the Woods is undoubtedly one of my favourite horror movies of the last few years. It literally has everything you could ask for in a horror film. Essentially the premise of the film is that there is an underlying world (literally underneath) with master controllers premeditating the characters fates. The characters who are unwittingly participating in their very own horror film. The ‘puppet masters’ control what monsters are presented, who and what objects are haunted, etc. This is all done with a master motherboard whose buttons, bleeping blooping things, could release your worst nightmare in a hot minute. The cast is made up of supremely cliche characters, The virgin (the final girl), the slut, the jock, the nerd, the stoner and the majority of them are reasonably attractive.

The beauty of this film is that is smacks you in the face with an paint by numbers type theme. They are able to balance this blatant awareness of being in a horror flick, with fairly good CG, awesome monsters and not too shabby fight scenes. One in particular seems to last almost 3 minutes (in my head at least).

It’s hard to do good satire, especially with movies like the Evil Dead series reigning supreme. But this movie f*****g nails it.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a whole notha’ beast. I was initially hesitant to


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010) OHH CANADA!

watch this at first, but from all the good things I heard by skimming various forums I thought, ok yeah. Netflix date. The premise is simple two ‘hillbilly’-esque men happen across a bunch of what? TEENS!!!!! But it gets better.

Dale (aka Jimmy from Breaker High!?) and Tucker are just two guys looking to spend some quality time together fixing stuff at the getaway cabin they’ve purchased. The relationship between the two is hilarious and confusing, but it somehow works. The cabin is in this creepy forrest where a series of murders happened some 20 odd years earlier. The aforementioned teens are there to get down and creepy and s***.

Soon the teens are skinny dipping in a lake, Tucker and Dale accidentally creep on one of the girls (Alison), she gets scared and smokes her head. T&D bring her in to help, but her friends believe she was kidnapped by the Craaaazyyy Kidnnapppah! However Alison soon finds out, the guys are harmless but to her friends they are murders. This spawns the most insane, infuriating and gruesome murders. All. By. Accident. It’s actually amazing. The director, Eli Craig seemed to superimpose how ridiculous people can die in the scary woods to how ACTUALLY ridiculous it could be. This provides some of the most squishy death scenes, and there is nothing better than when it’s done right.


Zombeavers (2014)

Lastly we have the newest out of the three. Zombeavers. It’s an example of a good movie but not great. I liked it. It was easy to watch and was pretty gory in some instances. Which I like in my movies, so kill me. The premise is pretty much as follows. Two hillbilly’s (go figure) are driving a truck of toxic waste along the road. They happen to be Bill Burr and John Mayer which I quite liked. They’re talking about women, dating, p****  the whole 9. They get distracted and toxic waste gets into a beaver den. BOOM zombeavers.

We then mix in a three some of super skinny, sexy girls who are getting away at an Aunt’s cottage in a quaint little town to get away from their jockstraps and cheating boyfriends. Yuck, boys. Little to no surprise, the boys make a guest appearance. Shit it gets wild. Soon everyone’s making out and getting cheeky while there are a fleet of Zombeavers lurking around waiting to kill, chew, and build! This is basically it. It’s depth is that of a wading pool. Despite some funny jokes, and pretty funny robot zombeavers (I’ve said that too much) the film falls a petit flat for me, though it is somewhat watchable and kind of entertaining.

Over all satires are one of the pleasures of watching horror. They mix in vulgarity while keeping it tongue and cheek, and things you find funny in normal non-satire movies are placed well on display.

SOME MORE if you’re interested;

  • The Houseguest
  • Evil Dead (for obvious reasons)
  • Dead Sno, And Dead Sno 2
  • The Revenant
  • Bad Milo
  • What we do in the Shadows

Thats all! I haven’t been this involved in writing since University. As a solid C+ student, I need a drink




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