Whats up chicken butts!

First and foremost, It’s Friday the 13th!! We’re LIVE, and welcome to our little home away from home. Here you will find all that is horror and gorror (It’s a word now, OK). I like to think I’m quite the free spirit. It is essentially evident through most of my endeavours at this point, so this blog will be laid out as such. I’m sure ‘structure’ and ‘guidelines’ or even ‘weekly stuff’ will make an appearance at some point, but for now lets just breathe it all in. So open those gaping nostrils of yours and take a big ol’ swig of that musty air. MMMMMMMmmmmm. Feels good, dunnit? Now here’s a taste of what you can expect with this wonderful blog that is horrorsauce.com

It all started when screams and I were looking for something to pour our creative juices into, like a lab experiment gone awry, (they always go awry). From what we thought, we’ve exhausted all of our resources. We were already seasoned drinkers, and cooking in the compulsive way we were looking to kill time would make us (re: just probably me) fat. So we searched our tiny little brains and dug out this idea like the crippled heart of the undead. We both LOVE horror movies. From new fancy ones like ‘The Babadook’ and ‘It Follows’ to some OG s*** like ‘Children of the Corn’ and ‘Hellraiser.’ Those are just some big names to trap you, buzz words if you will. There are a ton out there, actually though, and it seems like they are only getting better, and much, much worse. But so worse it’s bad? I’m sure you can pick up what i’m throwing at you.

Here we’ll be sharing what we’re watching, what we have watched, comparisons and what to look forward too. ‘Cause sometimes waiting two weeks for that pay check is the pits. We’ll also be setting up a store, so you can buy all the things!!! We’ll cater to the horror elite/everyone because discrimination is BAD! Unless, you walk into a house no phones are working, then you can discriminate…against the homeowner…who will definately kill you…so its ok.

Anyways, thats pretty much the gist, I’ve probably failed to mention a myriad of things but thats ok, we have until all eternity to figure that out!

Until next time my little horrs!



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